Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Free mini-course to start the annual sign-up of Holly Lisle's writing course

Hi all,

Holly offers a free course for those who are interested in trying her teaching methods before purchasing. She prepared THREE video-lessons that'll teach you how to come up with ideas, how to create believable characters, and how to write the first scene of your story. And best of all, It's Completely Free!

I'm really excited. There videos are bound to be great (I haven't seen them yet since they're brand new material), so check them out asap. The first video will be available today, the next tomorrow and the final one the day after.

The signup period for How to Think Sideways will begin on Friday the 27th, last till March 5th, and then close for a full year.

Hurry and watch your first video,

P.S. Remember that you're eligible for my bonus (analysis of a short story or novel beginning or a review) if you sign up through my affiliate link.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sign-ups for Holly Lisle's courses will change

Hi all,

my long time mentor Holly Lisle is in the process of changing her always open course policy to a once per year sign-up schedule for her big courses. The first one that will close for registration will be How To Think Sideways (affectionately shortened to HTTS by my fellow students). How to Revise your Novel and How to Write a Series will be next.

There are two reasons for this move.

Students of the courses have the option to be active in the forums where we meet and discuss all things related to writing an publishing. Thus, the best way to do the big courses is in a group with other students. Even though every student can adapt the course to his/her own speed, the interaction with other students who might be struggling with the same problems is extremely helpful. With the always open sign-up, this synergism diluted over the last few years.

The other reason is that Holly needs to move the forum off of the server she's got it on now. Behind the scenes, her team works frantically to merge software in a way that will make forum and lesson delivery one smooth experience. However, for the move, she'll have to close the doors to the classrooms and the forum for one full day in the near future (possibly a year from now). Thus, having the biggest courses closed already leads to a lot less trouble during the move. ;-)

Why would anyone take an expensive course like this, you ask? Easy: Holly's courses are by far the most thorough writing courses I have ever come across. She always over delivers on her promises. Granted, the courses are really hard. You will sweat and probably curse more than once, but it's so worth it.

Holly's courses have changed my life and my writing a lot. The things I learned through her courses are amazing. The first book I ever wrote using her methods has been awarded the German "Qindie" logo (a label for independently published books of great quality) and was a semi-finalist in the 2012 Kindle Book Review competition.

Another great thing about Holly's courses is the forum (I even agreed on being a moderator there). Writing is such a lonely business, but in the forum, we support and help each other, keep each other accountable, and make our goals come true. Currently, Holly is working on a way to increase visibility of her students' books. We're one big, helpful family. The greatest thing about the forum is that there are no unfriendly or harsh words. Of course, we don't always agree on everything, but we discuss things in a friendly atmosphere without personal attacks (I know that this can be very different, I've been to other forums).

In my opinion, taking one of the courses is the best decision you can ever make for your writing career. Yes, it is a lot of money (but most university level courses cost much more plus Holly has payments plans that make this feasible even on a tight budget), but it is money you invest in making your dream come true. I personally recommend all of her courses. But since How To Think Sideways closes its doors for a year in early March, I suggest you start there.

Sorry for the longish post.
Enjoy your week,

BTW, if you sign up through the links I put in this post, I will get a commission since I'm Holly's affiliate. As a thank you for using my link, I will give you a bonus on top of Holly's already awesome courses.

If you sign up for How To Think Sideways, How to Revise your Novel or How to Write a Series I will either analyze a short story or novel beginning of a story you wrote using one of the courses, or I will write a review upon publication. Just let me know the eMail address you used for signing up, so I can confirm yours claim, and send me your story as soon as it's done.

I will let you know when the doors close as soon as I know the exact date.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where did the time go?


wasn't it NaNoWriMo just now? Somehow the last two months slipped by and I didn't even notice. Sorry for that.

I wrote a lot during that time. I even published a new book (another fairy tale retelling, this time of Litte Brother, Litte Sister by the Grimms) called "The Stepmother". If you read it and leave a review, and then contact me through a comment on this post, I'll eMail you the next volume "The King's Mechanic" (It's a retelling of The Beauty and the Beast). It will be available in print and as eBook in March.

I wish you a gentle winter (with the winters these days you never know...)