Monday, September 29, 2014

New release of a great read

My friend William L. Hahn releases his new eBook "Strength of Conviction" today. It is the second volume in the "Judgement's Tale" series. To celebrate it, you can get the first volume for free until the 3rd of October on Amazon. Please help us spread the word.

Judgement's Tale vol 2:
Strength of Conviction

About the Book

As the central kingdom of the Lands of Hope languishes without rule or reason under a worsening pall of chaos, most Children of Hope stand by and do nothing. The few who would dare are outcasts and strangers, either too high up, or too far inside, or still too young to help. Worse, all their scattered mysteries seem unconnected.

Treaman the Woodsman struggles to guide his companions through ensorcelled wildlands to safety. The poorest knight in the city prays by Conar’s statue for weeks without ceasing, as though his life depends on it. The young scribe Anteris copies histories for his master by day, dreams of adventure till sunset, and searches the stars by night for the riddle of his future. A noble Conarian heir seeks to join a lost legendary Order, putting his duty before his life. A gentle Elvish sage confronts the greatest of puzzles, the closed door barring the way to friendship with his greatest, and most dangerous pupil.

For Solemn Judgement, the Man in Grey, is learning that names are indeed important when he shows… Strength of Conviction

Go and grab it, and if you like it, please leave a review and buy the second book too. He needs all the help you can give.

Friday, September 19, 2014

I know I'm back late but...

Hi all,

this year, the summer holidays started quite late (late July, and yes, they move around here in Germany for most countries except for Bavaria) and thus they didn't end until last week. So this has been the first week where I was truly back into writing, and I spent most of that time on revision my latest novel (Juma's Rain).

I also published a short story (see below) and took a course on creating covers. It's been expensive, but I've learned so much already. You can see it if you look at the cover below. However, watching the videos takes time, working through the homework takes time (I'd love to show you the mock-up we did for a title prompt but haven't got the copyright permissions to do so). All that ate into my blogging hours, and I apologize for that.

BTW, the course I'm taking is Cover Design by Dean Wesley Smith, and I think it's absolutely worth the $300 I spent for it. I might take the interior design course too at a later time (when I earned that amount, since I'm not using family money for my writing except for edits).

About the Story

When Dan's mother, a gifted piano player, dies, his father puts away his cello for good and drowns his sorrow in alcohol. Now, Dan wants to join the local school band, but his choice draws the attention of those who have been hunting him since his birth. Will the stranger he meets at a rave be able to help him? 

Get it on Amazon (other retailers will follow)
and if you like it, please leave a review