Friday, January 31, 2014

Blog Tour kickoff


I just thought I'd let you know that the blog tour for "Swordplay" has started now. I kicked it off with a giveaway. You can find the schedule here. Tomorrow, I'll put up a university lecture about the way magic gets incorporated into plant matter. It's geeky but fun.

Please help my by spreading the word (there are share buttons on my website for that purpose, so please head over and share).

Thanks for your support,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

very late -- sorry

Hi all,

I'm sorry for being so very late. Let me start with a heart-felt Happy New Year, regardless how late it comes. Have a wonderfull 2014 and may all your dreams begin to come true.

In case you're wondering why I was MIA, I've been coding and formatting the next release, "Swordplay", the first in my new "Gendarmerie Magique" series (think CSI with magic but without the gore).

Despite her obvious lack of magical talent, nineteen year old Moira Bellamie apprentices with the Gendarmerie Magique, the magic police. She puts all her effort into solving a burglary at the National Museum where antique weapons have been stolen, to keep the hard won job. Falling for her partner Druidus wasn’t part of the plan. When more and more people are murdered with one of the stolen weapons, Moira must tame uncontrollable magic, or the people she cares for will die, her partner first and foremost.

I’m also preparing a blog tour for the release. If you want to be kept up to date and get mini-stories about characters in the book, please join my mailing list. If you're interested in featuring me on your blog, please let me know. I've still got time for a couple of interviews, or I can give you snippets to post.

I'm looking forward to this.