Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

cat's Easter greetings from a dog lover

cat's Easter greetings from a dog lover
(photo: White House Photograph Office)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do you want to win a paperback?


you can win a paperback copy or one of 3 eBooks of my YA Fantasy novel "Scotland's Guardians" in either English or German. Give it a try and tell your friends about it too.

Also, I am close to finishing the files for my next release. Watch out for more information on this site in April .
(See I told you I'm busy behind the scenes, but with the kids on holiday, it's so very hard to get things done).

Enjoy your week,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do you need a writing course that'll change your life?


How To Think Sideways ULTRA: Career Survival School For WritersI've been telling you about Holly's course "How to Think Sideways" often enough. It's the biggest and most thorough course on writing I ever took, and I don't feel the need to look at any other courses ever again. As I said in my last post, Holly reopens the gates with lots of new, cool material included in the price (Yes it's a lot of money, but 1. the payment options are wonderful, 2. until Friday, you will get a great discount, and 3. at an university you'd pay much more for less). So, here is a call from Holly (in her own words):

How to Think Sideways Ultra: Career Survival School For Writers , my (Holly's) flagship course, is back, expanded, upgraded, 100% money-back guaranteed, VERY discounted for just less than three days, and live NOW.

I'm mentioning it because for the next three days, it's at 2011 prices (20% or MORE off), and I don't want anyone who might have been interested to only discover this after it's too late. The discount closes on Friday, because I hate angry emails, and "I missed out on something I wanted and it's all your fault" is not the thing I most love to read. If you want to check out the course, today would be the best time.

Oh! QUICK tip so you don't end up in line. If you sign up for the course, check your email for your login and password completion email before you try logging in. We're seeing a fair amount of this. You won't be able to log in without it. If you're already a member on the new site, this does not apply to you.

-------End Holly---------

Go and grab your copy today. It's so worth the money. It not only made me a better writer, but also a more prolific one, and I met many, many wonderful authors in the forums where I go for feedback at least once a day. So, if you've ever been interested in taking a writing course, grab this one. It works for any genre, any target age group and any kind of writer because it's so flexible. Lessons you paid for will be there for you for good, and you can quit any time if you discover that the course isn't your cuppa after all (but I don't think that'll happen).

I think I'd better mention, that I'm an affiliate for this course (it's the only affiliate thing I'm supporting because I believe so strongly in this course's quality), which means I'll get some money if you sign up through my link.

Thanks for considering.
Now, go and grab your copy of How to Think Sideways Ultra: Career Survival School For Writers ;-),

Monday, March 11, 2013

Holly Lisle's How to Think Sideways re-opens with a BANG


I know that most readers of this blog (if they read it at all) are writers, so I thought I'd share the big news. Holly Lisle decided to re-open the popular How to Think Sideways course with additional material and new additional material. I am a graduate of the preceding HTTS course, and it increased my creativity as well as my productivity. Should you decide to take her up on her offer, there will be a big discount if you decide to sign up during the 3-day launch. But the offer I want to tell you about below is available for free.

Holly Lisle has publicly released the first of 29 writing mini-workshops she is doing for the How To Think Sideways ULTRA: Career Survival School for Writers course.

If you've ever sat staring at the blinking cursor, trying to find the right, the perfect, the one and only way to start your story (or your chapter, or your day's writing), trying to will words onto the page...

...Discover the PERMANENT five-minute fix for this problem---the technique Holly uses to get words quickly on days when SHE'S having a hard time getting started.

The five minute fix is free of charge, but if you decide to take the full HTTS-Ultra I'll get part of your payment as a reward since I'm an affiliate. Holly's courses are the only ones I'm recommending, and I only do it because they helped me a lot. Also, her fees are acceptable and her payment options are great.

Feel free to just grab the freebie (it's available for another 22++ hours), HTTS Ultra Quick Fix It's a five minute fix. Lose the agony. Just copy the link into your browser and get started.
Then, let me know if this was helpful, becaue I'll then post additional links should I get more.

Enjoy your day,

----------COPYRIGHT NOTICE----------

Workshop audio, transcript, and worksheets Copyright © 2013, by Holly Lisle. All Rights Reserved. Posted with permission of the author.

----------End COPYRIGHT NOTICE----------

Friday, March 8, 2013

Battle at the Harzhorn


one of my stories will be published in a Tarot-related anthology by a small German publisher. When I got the Hanging Man as a prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to use as setting: the Battle at the Harzhorn.

Roughly three years ago, hobby archaeologists with probe heads found a twisted metal shape they took for a medieval candle holder not too far from us. The item in question turned out to be a horse shoe used by Romans. After a while, archaeologists were able to determine that a battle occurred at the Harzhorn, and that it most likely took part in 235 aD as part of Maximinius Thrax big Germania Campaign. This was ground breaking since scientists had assumed Romans never ventured into Germania again in great numbers after Varus’ defeat (9aD).

For more information see my homepage-blog.
I hope you find this just as fascinating as I do. I'm a real history buff these days, although if anyone would have told me when I was in school, I'd have laughed my head off. How about you? Do you like history? Any specific times you prefer over others?

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Nightmare


two weeks ago, my middle daughter (11) broke her thumb. Last week, we found out that the bone slipped. Now, the top digit is skewered to the side, and it won't return to its original position because kids' bones heal too fast. It's already partly grown to the new place. Grrr

Then, this Monday, she get her other thumb smashed in a door. The nail will fall off some time soon because the nail bed was badly hurt. She's quite brave about it, but writing is really difficult for her these days. So I lend her my Alpha Smart. That way, she can keep up with her studies.

On a more cheerful note, my short story "Wild Rose" was accepted for publication in an anthology of Freedom Forge Press and should be out some time in July. Another short story will be published in Germany in an anthology based on the traditional tarot. I had the hanging man as a card and worked in the recent finds on a Germanic/Roman battle field they discovered around the corner from where I live. And I wrote nearly 40.000 words already since the 1st of February. So all in all, I can call this a good start into the new year, right?

How about you? Are you all OK?

Friday, March 1, 2013

I know it looks as if I'm lazy...


truth is, I'm working like mad behind the scenes. I'm currently translating "Urchin King" into German for a release shortly after Easter. Also, I'm getting another edit on Amadi and Urchin King, since the previous editor missed a couple of things. Then, I'm working my way through my editors comments on my non-linear novels. As much fun as it was writing this, it's a terrible nightmare to revise and edit. Finally, I'm putting the finishing touches to the files for the print version of "Scotland's Guardians" which I'd like to publish around Easter. Plus the marketing stuff I need to wrap my head around, I am just too busy.

You see, my days don't have enough hours to get everything done that I'd need to do.
Enjoy your time,