Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Observations


"Goals are dreams with a deadline" (I don't remember who said this, but (s)he was right. Therefore, I began setting goals for myself years ago. In 2012, my main goal was to loose 10kg in weight. It was hard, but I did it. As to writing, I met nearly all my goals there too. I would have liked to do more promotion but didn't manage to get my head around that. I will in 2013)

"Control and freedom. A real golden age in writing for writers." Dean Wesley Smith (see the last line in Authors)

I go with Dean's words. I've never felt so free and positive about my writing as last year. I translated my German backlist, some 350K words in total without breaking a sweat and will continue to write the stories I love. They will be all over the spectrum of fantasy and history but they'll always be YA or Upper MG. That's what defines me (it also means a happy ending for most of my stories ;-) )

So, it's fairly easy to define my goals for next year:
I will try to build my list of subscribers (to this blog and my HP) which means I’ll have to develop a working marketing strategy (I’m currently on it)
I will write a short story of 10-25K each month to publish in bundles of 2 stories when I run out of novels.
I will finish writing (only 5 scenes to go) and revising my current WIP, Juma’s Rain.
I will translate the 4 novels I’ve written in English (ca. 230K) words back into German and publish them as well.

I think with these steps, I'll be pretty busy throughout 2013, but I*'m determined to become a real author/publisher and not one of those who quit when sales don't hit their expectations. I'll be around for many more years to come.

How about you? Do you have any goals for 2013? Are they writing related?
Enjoy the next year,


Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Surprise

I wish you all a wonderful time with the people you love. May peace and good food be with you, and may your kids be happy about their gifts. Avoid stress and get into 2013 safely.

BTW, on Sunday, the day before Christmas Eve, my historical novel "Victor's Rage" will be available as eBook on Amazon or Smashwords (as usual, the other distributers will take their time). So if you're short of a great read for a family member with an eRader, check it out. I'll post the links here.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big Trouble


for a whole week, I've been busy rescuing stuff from my dead PC and putting it onto the new one. Then, I watched TV for the first time in a long while and got slapped in the face by the fact that far worse events happen in the world than a dying PC.

I find it hard to understand how a young man can kill little children without a second thought for their families. I try not to imagine what it has to be like to live through a Christmas with the beloved child gone. Because if I think about it I wouldn't be able to watch my kids enjoy their presents. If I did, I'd probably lock them in their rooms and never let them out again -- and that wouldn't do them any good.

If you want to show your support for the children's families and the school, you can send a letter or postcard to
Sandy Hook Elementary
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

I hope you can have a blessed Christmas despite the fact that there are incalculable dangers in the world.
Have a good time. I'll see you in the new year,

Friday, December 7, 2012

The crap life throws at you...


there I was, thinking I could write the final 20K of Juma's Rain comfortably before Christmas, and then my PC began to falter. First, the sound died, making it impossible to Skype with a couple of fellow authors. Next, the PC began to crash whenever I had more than one program open. Now, there are hickups when I boot. It's very obviously trying to tell me that a 10yr. old PC needs its retirement. Well, a new one has been ordered (although it's a stretch financially) and will hopefully arrive soon. Of course, I will then need even more time to reinstall all the programs I'm using and to move all my data. Sigh.

If you want to help, tell your friends about my books (History: Ann Angel's Freedom, 4 & 5 star reviews; Fantasy: Urchin King & Amadi-Trilogy, 5 star reviews; Horror: Flesh&Blood, 5 star reviews; Non-Fiction: 33 Mistakes Writers Make About Mother Nature what can I say, I like to write different genres, but my favorite is still fantasy) and send them to my amazon page to buy one. I'd appreciate that very much since it would alleviate the financial strain. If you don't have friends, please like the books, or tag them, or leave a review (if you read them that is).

Thanks a ton in advance,