Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I did it!


I did it and wrote 50,000 words with two days to spare.

but I'll keep writing until Juma's rain (first draft) is done.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Third week NaNoWriMo


my third week of NaNo was an uphill struggle. I caught a cold, and suddenly everything I wrote seemed disjointed and lacking. I blame it on my mushy brain.

The day before yesterday, I went to bed at 2pm. for a short nap and slept until 5pm. My husband woke me because he discovered some really stupid mischief my youngest daughter did. We've got tiny boats that you can float in the bathtub. They're actually toys for toddlers, but my youngest loves playing with them. When I slept, she filled three boats with shampoo spilling generous amounts on the floor too and having a lot of fun.

As hubby and I worked to clean up (luckily the bathroom floor is tiled), I thought how fitting the picture was for the progress of my novel during the third week of NaNo. In my novel too, lots of elements spilled all over the floor. I'm not sure if I will keep all of it during revision, but at least it was fun.

Happy NaNo-ing for those of you who joined,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feedback needed on cover art


I took some time off NaNoWriMo tonight and made a preliminary cover for my current project "Juma's Rain". The novel is currently half done (slightly over 46,000 words), and the downhill exhalaration is setting in. I'm so looking forward to next week, when I start the half that will bring me to the big showdown. Here is a very short description of what's going on in the story:

During a drought, apprentice witch Juma needs to wake the rain-goddess before her suitor is sacrificed to heat-daemon Mubuntu and with him her only chance to become the tribe's leader.

I haven't bought any of the pictures I need (yet) because I'm still not sure which one I like best. Could you tell me your opinion, please? Here are the candidates:

Thank you for your help,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week two of NaNoWriMo


I had a great start into the second week of NaNo. So far, I've been right on par with my wordcount (I've got to build a buffer so I can take off the day of my middle daughter's birthday), but today, I found myself faltering. I'm so tired, my head spins.

I guess a little cold is reaching for me. I've got two choices. a) I can go to bed and use the 1 1/2 hours before my kids come back from school to get some sleep, so I feel better tomorrow, or b) I can keep working and hope the cold will pass me by.

With my fingers stumbling on the keyboard, I think my prefered option is a).
Sleep well, my frineds,

Monday, November 5, 2012

First week of NaNo


usually, it takes me quite a while to start a new project, but not this time. On the 31st of October, I re-read what I had written last NaNo, and on the first day of November I dove right back in. It is a glorious feeling to be writing new fiction and not translating my older stories (although I still love them). I wrote slightly more than 8000 words (coming up to 25% of the novel!) since the first, and there was no hesitation. If it hadn't been for my family, I would have gone on and on and on.

Have you ever experienced the elation of doing something you haven't done for quite a while but that you just love doing?
Enjoy your life,

P.S.: For those who don't know what a NaNo is, it's an abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month. During November, novelists from all over the world try to write 50,000 words of their novel in 30 days. That amounts to 1,667 words every day or ca. 2,500 words if you take weekends off. That's a lot of words, but doable.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another publication and a running start


just before Halloween, I published two Horror short stories on amazon and smashwords (in German and English). So, if you still need some dark humor or an adapted nightmare (in case you haven't got enough nightmares of your own), head over and grab your copy.

Also, I decided to finish writing last year's NaNoWriMo project (which was sitting at 15000 odd words after lots of cutting), and my first day was very good. I managed to write 2259 words. If I can do this for the whole month, I can take the weekends off. Yay!

Enjoy the autumn,