Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle


over the Easter holidays I had a little free time that I used for reading (more on the holiday's when I sort my pictures) I decided to do a few more reviews of books I enjoyed reading (I don't accept any requests. I'll just be reviewing the ones I buy with my own money) since I have fun reviewing. I hope you'll enjoy it too. I'll mostly review Indie authors with the traditionally author thrown in once in a while (I simply will have to post a review on one of Diana Wynne Jones' titles one day). So, here we go, The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle:


This book has been traditionally published, and I picked it up for two reasons. First, I loved the cover and the backcover blurb. It sounded like a story I would enjoy (isn't that the most important fact for buying books anyway?). Second, I know the author from a forum I am posting in. She was helpful for other writers but also a little stubborn, but that is a trait a writer has to have these days to succeed with publishing, right? I read it in more than one setting, mainly because I was too tired to read more than a few chapters at a time. The story is very well paced. The events unfold in just the right speed. The characters and the world are incredibly believable. I really, really enjoyed the book.

Although it is labeled historical Fantasy, it is more historical than fantasy. There is very little magic in most of the book (with some more at the end). But the time period is very well researched and Anne Lyle chose just the right amount of detail as not to drown the tension. As a history geek myself, I loved it. The writing style is fluent and the language vanished as the world comes alive from the first page on (meaning, I didn't really notice the language because I was too busy enjoying the story). I did notice one or two minor spellos which makes me relax. It shows me that even professionals (and the editors of Angry Robots are professionals) do make mistakes too. ;-)

One single notice to be aware of when you buy it: it has homosexual love scenes (handled very well and not at all graphically). If you're adverse to this kid of love (which I'm not, I think everybody has the right to be happy the way (s)he wants) you're better off not buying the book.

All others: go get it.
That's an order ;-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally, the donation


I finally got the last revenue from "The Campaigner Challenge 2011" eBook/PoD-book from Rachael Harrie's 2011 Write Campaign. All in all, we managed to raise 127,83 GBP and I rounded it up. Today, I donated the sum of 130 GBP (slightly more than 200 USD) to "Help Harry Help Others" cancer research fund. I am very pleased that we managed to raise that much money. Thank you all participants.

You can still see your donation on Harry's donate-page. It's currently on the 1st page but it'll move down with every new donation, so here is a snapshot of the site after our donation:

Thank you fellow campaigners.
Have a great day,