Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hollywood, here I come!


guess what, a very talented fellow writer who is just starting her own business is making a trailer for one of my novels. She is currently sc the scenes. Oh, I'm terribly excited. But it's still secret -- that means I'm not going to tell you which novel or any other details. I will post it on this blog as soon as everything is done, and I will release the novel soon after on my publishing website Independent Bookworm (I think I forgot to link it from here, or did I?).

So many things are happening. Stay tuned and enjoy your life,

Thursday, June 23, 2011



Have you ever watched any of the "Burnistoun" episodes at YouTube? I admit that if you're not used to it, the Scotish accent is difficult to understand. But the humor is so ... Scottish. I cried from laughing. It's so addictive (for me at least) that I had to force myself to finsih my daily wordcount before watching another one. This is by far my most favorite: Voice-recognition elevator


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going Indie again


I just opened the doors to a website I will be sharing with two other authors. Maybe, we'll have more join us at a later time, but we'll start out with us three. We will focus on Fantasy and Historical Novels with the occasional Science Fiction thrown in. My first co-Indie-author, Will Hahn, has just put up his first story "The Ring and the Flag" at Smashwords. Since I was one of his beta-readers, I know it fairly well and can only recommend it. I loved it although I usually don't much care for Heroic Fantasy. Will is an expert at keeping the story interesting even through the bits that would be boring by other authors.

My projects are back on track after I had to put them aside for a week for a requested project. It was fun coming up with an idea based on several requested features, but smoothing out the bumps might take a little longer. At least, I wrote the requested reading sample of 20 pages in 3 1/2 days. And I will be caught up with all my other projects by the end of this week.

Now, give Will's story a try, and enjoy the rest of the week,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going Indie, guest post and overtime


over the last few weeks, I've been terribly busy. Since I decided to go Indie in July, there were so many things to do and to consider that it ate into my family time already. Then, I got a request for a book proposal that needs to be done asap -- hand in date next Monday. I love the concept I came up with but writing 20 quality pages (not first draft material) in a single week is exhausting because I couldn't put aside the other stuff that needs to get done (like setting up the website for my Indie business, finishing my WIP, the middle grade ghost story, keeping up with my household and being there for my kids ... of course, the kids are first priority, the the writing).

When I felt too tired, I found this little bit of wisdom by the daughter of one of my crit partners:
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. Krisz daughter
It is soooooo true. I printed it out and hung it over my snoopy-newspaper-clip on the wall where I can see it whenever I sit down to write. I'm feeling more relaxed already.

So I was quite happy, when I got another request for a guest blog-post. Sherry Soule will present her paranormal romance novel "Beautifully Broken" on this blog in a few weeks. I so much like the cover.

So, this is me back to work. I decided I will enjoy the storm while it lasts, and try to finish as much as I can without going nuts. I'll keep you posted on the going Indie stuff,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I hate summer holidays


with worry I saw the summer holidays drawing nearer every day. When the kids are home, I don't get much writing done regardless of how much I had planned. At least, this summer is supposed to be a warm one. Maybe, I can take my tomboys to the pool every day. There are some really nice, shaded areas where I could write.

So far, my plans for going Indie are coming around the way I want them. I designed the website for the books (I will focus on Fantasy, SciFi and historical novels), found a partner or two and decided on how to attract readers. It won't be much longer until the first story goes live, and I hope many of you will like it.

Until then,

P.S.: and heads up, summer holidays will be over in no time.

Thursday, June 2, 2011



I'm slightly disappointed that only two people came up with a possible title. I liked both of them, and would have loved to read some more. But since that's the way it is, the winning title for my NLFTMM is "Chasing the Grimm Reaper". Congrats Marty. Still, I'll award second and third place to Natalie and Thea for posting. Marty will get the full manuscript if he wants (once it's finished - please send your contact details to and the other two will get the first thirty-something pages asap if they want (I need your contact info too).

Enjoy the wonderful weather,