Monday, July 19, 2010

Will you defend PIRACY?

Famous composer Jason Robert Brown has a great discussion on the theft of intellectual property over at his blog. Maybe I'm too old, but I do not understand the girls arguments. For me, it is obvious that someone suffers when I steal. I have been raised to respect someone else's property (and there is no difference if this is a thing you can touch or a thought/idea/song/story). Aren't kids like her aware that they are actually stealing? Do they think writing a song or a story or a novel is easy-peasy and we, the creators (authors, songwriters etc), do it just for fun?

Writing a short story can take me as long as a week. Writing a novel will take the better part of a year, if I work 4-8 hrs a day. I do not think it is justified for ANYONE BUT ME to distribute anything I worked so hard for for free. If I decide to give it away, it is my choice. If someone else steals it and passes it on, it is not my choice - and this is not considering the form of compensation for the work of a human being that societies all over the world agreed upon (talking about money here).

If young people do not understand that what they are doing is illegal and hurts the artist they (admittedly) admire, they might wake up in a world where artists just can't afford to create any more because they are too busy to make ends meet.

Think about it, and please spread awareness about piracy if you can.

P.S.: In Germany, you will get into jail for four years if you are caught. I think that although it might not help much, I might make some kids reconsider.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Revision is GREAT


my kids and I spent last week house-sitting my parents home. We did a lot: swimming (since it was very hot), cinema, building a kitchen for my brother and his wife, visiting friends and more. Still, I managed to finish my current revision. That means, I've got plenty of time to print it out and send it to the publisher I have in mind for it.

To tell the truth, without Holly Lisle's "How to Revise Your Novel" the story wouldn't have been half as good. It took me ages to work my way through all the lessons but it was well worth it. Also, next time it's going to be less work, because the last lesson is about streamlining the revision process.

Now, I can focus on my 33 Mistakes project, and I will begin revising "Waffenruhe" (Swordplay), my current WIP. I never thought I'd say that but I am looking forward to the revision.

Hehe, I might even find the time to tidy up my study before I start the next project.

One last thing, remember to look at my free online, serialized Fantasy novel "The Witches of Greenwitch". We are nearing mid-point and all important characters have been introduced but two.

Happy summer holiday to everybody,