Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone


I wish you all a merry Christmas. This year is the first since my hubby started his job here that he won't have to work. So we'll enjoy it and visit our families for a few days. Also, it's going to be a white Christmas. What more can the kids wish for... (actually, the lists are long ;-) )

I will try to post a picture of our Christmas tree some time early January. Keep your fingers crossed that I will find enough time to write with all the celebration stuff going on.

Have a wonderful time,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Project

I’m getting started on my new project and hope to complete it (incl. revision) some time in May. I had planned to start it during NaNo after I finished my last project but I got ill and wrote short-stories instead. I’ll send one of those (a ghost story aimed at kids 6-12) to a competition today.

My new project is a Fantasy-murder-mystery called "Swordplay" and I plan to market it as Urban Fantasy. It’s aimed at older teens, so it needs a good love-sub-plot. I did all my dot-and-lines and my Sentences Lite in November, so I can did right into it first thing tomorrow morning.


Today, I will finally be able to finish my assignment for Holly’s HtRYN-course. I had troubles getting it done because my printer refused to print the last few pages and Holly specifically said: No reading on the screen. I hate that printer and need some money to buy a new one. So keep your fingers crossed that my short-story wins (because that would earn me enough for a printer)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Help Fundraising


as an author my main goal is to get people to read more. What better group is there to imprint reading habits than children? When I stumbled over TU Publishing on Beth's blog I immediately thought their plan a worthy goal. Stacy Whitman is trying to raise the funds to start an independent publishing company (called Tu Publishing) to publish YA and MG stories with a fantastical and/or multi-cultural background. They hope to get more young readers to identify with the characters in the book if ethnic background isn't all Western. If you want to help too, click here:

If you need more convincing watch this movie:

Live your dreams,