Monday, June 29, 2009

back to work


I managed to do most of my webpages over the weekend. Now, all that I need to do is to make the new layout out of the picture I've gotten from the designer. I'll probably do that next weekend but I won't promise. After all, the kids are on holiday and they do have the right to interrupt. ;-)

As you might have noticed, I am back into writing. This morning (after finishing my bureaucracy stuff) I continued writing "Amadi" I am quite happy with what I wrote. In the next scene she will meet her adversary for the first time. So I am very much looking forward to writing that scene.

In the afternoon, I might manage to translate a bit more of "Victor's Rage" the sequel to "Ann Angel's Freedom". I am planning to get it done in time for x-mas shopping. Since it is somehow more work to translate a novel than to write it, I might take longer. But I promise that I will give my best to reach that goal.

Keep writing,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

restructuring my webpage


I did not forget to post or to write. I had been ill for a few days and then I began to restructure my website (which is taking longer than planned because I decided to include all my books - even the ones that are good enough for publication but haven't been "discovered" yet). I began to sort my books by genre - one being "Poems and Literature". Suddenly, my muse attacked and I had to write a poem for the entrance page (see below). This has happened before with surprising results. Now, all I needed to do was to translate it... and that took at least three times as long as writing it.

Once in a while, Muse grabs me good,
pulls my hair, my shirt, my foot
strangles, nips and tortures me
(I cannot stand that comfortably)
I write down all the words she speaks
on paper though my pencil squeaks.

They aren't funny and bad as well.
My Muse never rests and you can tell.
She neither stops at night nor day
until she's finished all the way.
But stunned I sometimes stare and stand
with a poem in my hand!
Katharina Gerlach, 21. Juni 2009


Monday, June 15, 2009

Free weekend


last weekend I visited a friend and together we went to a concert in Dortmund. We came back very exhausted but satisfied. It was really good to do something for myself again. I haven't been able to do that since my first daughter was born. The only drawback is that with only four hours of sleep, tiredness kept me away from the PC most of today. I hope to be back to normal tomorrow.

Soon, my website will get a new look. The layout (as a picture) is perfect but I will need some time to turn it into a website. Therefore, my writing will suffer a little. I am still aiming to get "Victor's Rage" done in time for Christmas this year and I am looking into different POD-publishers at the moment. Here is a little preview of the possible cover:

I am really looking forward to finishing the translation. It takes away so much writing time form my other project and I just love writing "Amadi". When I was a kid I enjoyed the usual fairy tales of 1001 night (like Aladin and Ali Baba). I only discovered recently that most of the stories have far more adult content. It's worth getting a copy if you don't already have one.

Enjoy your week,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amadi and the Phoenix - part one


The main character for my new project is Amadi. At the beginning of the story she is roughly 13 years old, stealing a flute for her foster sister - the only person who treats her nice. Of course she is caught and gets into deeper trouble from there on. ;-)

This is what she looks like:

I love having a visual at least for my main character. It keeps me focused and also reminds me that those people in my head are real (in a different sense from you and I but real nonetheless).

Have a nice Sunday,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Release


shortly, a new anthology will be published in Germany with my story "Wedding Nights" in it. My story was sparked by a nightmare I had and although it became a really good story I still feel uncomfortable reading it. It sends shivers down my spine (isn't that supposed to happen in a good horror story?)

Ganz schön bissig

I really enjoyed reading the other stories because they were so different from mine. Not all stories in this book are horror. Some tackle the subject with humor others with awe but all use a lookout different from Vampire clichés.

I hope this book will be a success.
Keep reading, writing and living,