Monday, February 23, 2009



I have been burdened over the weekend with filling out the annual tax-papers. It's such a hustle to get everything right but if I don't do it we pay way too much for tax. It took me half a day to sort all the paperwork and another four hours to fill out the forms. Still, I feel satisfied, as if a hard job is well done (I'll know when I get the tax-return if it really was well done).

Returning to my revision, everything seemed so much easier. So much for a new perspective! Revision is going smoothly and my hubby (who is beta reading) tells me that he likes and (what's more) understands the story. That is a good sign. With only four more weeks to go before the competition closes I am confident that I will make it.

Keep following your dreams,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Out Cold


when I had revised half my novel I caught a cold - a really severe one. I was out for a few days, not writing much. But because I was feeling so sore all over I couldn't sleep.- So in my mind, I began fixing all the little problems in the next few pages of "Victor's Rage" and came up with some interesting ideas. Well, the next few days will show if they are worth the time I spent on them. I am back to working and managed another scene, today. That means I am still nearly on schedule - Contest, we are coming!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am working hard on my second historical novel "victor's Rage". It's a stand-alone novel that is also a sequel to my first historical novel "Ann Angel's Freedom" and I whizzed through the first half of the book.

Then I hit the brick wall! There are so many big bugs in the next half that I hardly manage two pages a day and with the power outage today I didn't get a single word changed. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

Fortunately, all the "mistakes" I (and my best friend and research assistant Anke Waldmann) found are fixable. It just takes a while. Luckily, we have one and a half months leftr before the competition closes where we want to enter the manuscript. After that, I shall start translating "Victor's Rage" into English for those who are interested.

Keep followeing your dreams,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired but happy

On the 31st of January I finished polishing most of my entry for the "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award". Right on time at one minute past midnight EST (6:01am in Germany), I entered my novel "Thicker Than Water". It went much smother than I expected although I fussed over the pitch to the last minute. Now, please keep your finger's crossed for me.
Here is the cover art for "Thicker Than Water" that I came up with for NaNo:

After I reduced my excitement to a bearable level, I decided to get back into revision mode. The first thing I revised was my house. I spring cleaned it for three days in a row and now it sparkles an shines. And a good thing it did because my parents and in-laws came for my eldest's birthday, yesterday. Now, I'm just catching up on updating my various web-presences and tomorrow I will get on with revising "Victor's Anger" while I hatch some new ideas.