Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone


I wish you all a merry Christmas. This year is the first since my hubby started his job here that he won't have to work. So we'll enjoy it and visit our families for a few days. Also, it's going to be a white Christmas. What more can the kids wish for... (actually, the lists are long ;-) )

I will try to post a picture of our Christmas tree some time early January. Keep your fingers crossed that I will find enough time to write with all the celebration stuff going on.

Have a wonderful time,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Project

I’m getting started on my new project and hope to complete it (incl. revision) some time in May. I had planned to start it during NaNo after I finished my last project but I got ill and wrote short-stories instead. I’ll send one of those (a ghost story aimed at kids 6-12) to a competition today.

My new project is a Fantasy-murder-mystery called "Swordplay" and I plan to market it as Urban Fantasy. It’s aimed at older teens, so it needs a good love-sub-plot. I did all my dot-and-lines and my Sentences Lite in November, so I can did right into it first thing tomorrow morning.


Today, I will finally be able to finish my assignment for Holly’s HtRYN-course. I had troubles getting it done because my printer refused to print the last few pages and Holly specifically said: No reading on the screen. I hate that printer and need some money to buy a new one. So keep your fingers crossed that my short-story wins (because that would earn me enough for a printer)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Help Fundraising


as an author my main goal is to get people to read more. What better group is there to imprint reading habits than children? When I stumbled over TU Publishing on Beth's blog I immediately thought their plan a worthy goal. Stacy Whitman is trying to raise the funds to start an independent publishing company (called Tu Publishing) to publish YA and MG stories with a fantastical and/or multi-cultural background. They hope to get more young readers to identify with the characters in the book if ethnic background isn't all Western. If you want to help too, click here:

If you need more convincing watch this movie:

Live your dreams,

Monday, November 30, 2009

Final NaNo for 2009


this will be the last post on NaNo for this year. I surprised myself by winning. After feeling to numb to write a single line for several days I never thought I'd catch up. But I did. Now I can concentrate on revising my last novel while planning the next. That is the rhythm I like.

I'm looking forward to writing my next project (Urban Fantasy) and I expect to begin some time in January.

Oh, and welcome to my followers. I never thought I'd get any. ;-)

I wish you a wonderful advent,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more NaNo


I started so well and now I am behind. What happened? My story is well planned and my fingers itch to write but ... I caught a cold and didn't go to the doctor. It turned out to be a bad infection of the lung and it took me two weeks to get back on track writing wise. Every word I write leaves me exhausted. By now I am feeling better. The last few days were a mad dash to catch up but I am feeling exited enough to keep trying. If all goes well I might still make it.

Hope you are all well,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



so, I am doing it again, this year. Am I crazy or a word addict? Maybe a bit of both. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those who don't know) has come again and I am already fully involved. I wrote 6.984 words in the last four days and it was fun to do. I didn't even had to hustle like last year. With all my kids in school till noon, I finally have the time to write the whole morning. I am surprised about myself how much I get done in 4 hours.

Currently, I am finishing my Amadi-project because I like it too much to abandon it. And I don't feel like returning to it after writing another novel. That means I won't be able to start my NaNo-novel before the 12th. I decided to "cheat" a little and count both novels. After all, I began the third part of Amadi (planned 25.000 words) on November 1st and even if it is more of a novelette, I'll get a finished draft by the middle of the month. Then, I'll dig into my brand new, shiny project called "Swordplay". I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and for all those NaNo-ers out there: Have you already donated to keep the fun going for another year?

Finally, here is an announcement. Since I finished translating "Victor's Rage" in time, I will do a special pre-release print run for all people who loved "Ann Angel's Freedom". Everybody who is interested in owning a copy long before it will be officially published, should contact me or leave a comment with his/her email address on this post. I will try hard to get it done in time for x-mas.

Follow your dream to wherever it may lead,

Friday, October 30, 2009



I'm tired. I've been working really hard and I did get "Victor's Rage" translated. Also, I managed to finish two of three parts of Amadi, my current WIP, only to hear from my agent that not many publishers are interested in the story. She is still waiting for the answer of one or two publishers but I don't have high hopes. Now, I know how Holly Lisle must have felt when the last part of her "Sun and Moon"-trilogy was canceled.

Still, I won't whine. Also, I will finish Amadi because I really like this story and it would be a shame to drop it. I might just take more time than I had originally planned. Out of sadness, I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo again, this year. I will write a fantasy-mystery - again a project that doesn't fit neatly into a box.

I think it is time for publishers to start thinking outside of boxes. With the current developments in e-book-reading devices, it is likely that shelf-space won't matter much in the future (not the very near future but not too far away either). To get my own career started, I am looking for ways to built up an audience but I have to think and plan some more before I can go public.

Hope you don't feel as down as I do,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nearing completion


I am slowly getting to the end of "Victor's Rage". There are only 8 pages to go and a last read through to make the language as polished as I am able to. Then it will go out to a proof-reader (I'm lucky enough to have found one who's really fast). If all goes well, it should be done by the end of next week.

Also, my new project is coming up nicely. Yesterday, I had a great idea concerning the magical system for it. The best time for planning new project is a boring wait while one of the kids is doing something interesting (like sport or music).

Please leave a comment if you want to be notified about my secret plans for "Victor's Rage", the sequel to "Ann Angel's Freedom".

Have a great time,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



it seems that I haven't been as back as I had planned. Sorry for that but I did get a lot done meanwhile. I have most of my historical novel translated (translating "Ann Angel's Freedom" took a year, this one will be done under 3 months), finished part two of my WIP and did a last revision on a story that I plan to post online for free both in German and English. Also, I found a very talented girl who will do illustrations for every chapter I post but she need to built up a buffer before we can start. After all, she is just taking her final exams in school and that is a lot of work, too.

Now, I am working double time to get my WIP done before NaNoWriMo starts again. I got all the planning done but need to close my WIP first before I can concentrate on a new project. I am really looking forward to that. It's going to be a fantasy Who-Done-it and I'm really eager to start. December and January will be devoted to revision. After all, I will have two finished first drafts lying around by then - if all goes as planned.

I wish you as much fun as I am currently having,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm back


I finally caught up with my writing. The translation of "Victor's Rage" is 3/4 done and I am happy with what I manage each day. Also my current project is shaping up nicely.
So I took the weekend off and made a film with the kids. It's an advertisement for Holly Lisle's "How to Revise Your Novel" course that will start in January (just in time for my next NaNoWriMo-project.
Enjoy and if you like it, pleas vote for me.

Have a wonderful week and go, go go for your goals,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

short break


I'll not be posting for a while to catch up with my translation. I am not in best-form these days. Something is creeping up to me but wouldn't make me ill enough to justify staying in bed. So I trudge along at half speed. As soon as I am better, I'll post some more.


Monday, August 31, 2009

A Short Notice


I am glad to announce that Chuck Sambucciono from "Guide to Literary Agents" accepted my guest post. Check it out.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Website update


I finally managed to update my website. The design is fabulous (by the friend of a friend), don't you think? I also rearranged the structure of the whole site to make it more intuitive to use and I included all my Works in Progress (WIPs). I hope you'll like it. Leave me a comment if you like.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Sand Animation


I've never seen anything like it and it broke my heart to know that my own ancestors (grandfathers, great-uncles etc) were part of this. War lets the worst of human nature surface.

I'm sorry,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Headstart for How to Think Sideways students


I stumbled over an article on how important it is in the publishing industry to keep your deadlines. Unless your book is really, really wanted by the publisher, it can happen that they cancel the contract and ask for the advance money back if you don't hand in the manuscript in time. The article claims that this is getting more common although the publishers do not admit to it readily.

Thanks to Holly's course, we do have two big advantages: 1. we learn how to calculate deadlines that we can keep and how to keep them, and 2. we learn to write books that are really, really wanted by the publisher.

Feel free to join us over at How to Think Sideways (if you're not already a member).


Monday, August 3, 2009

closing the gap


I am nearing the completion of the first part of my WIP. As soon as I have, I will start revisions on it (which I usually don't do) because my agent has requested it. I hope to be done with revising by mid-August. My fingers are itching to keep writing part two and three of the story. Also, I want to finish this project in time for NaNoWriMo, where I plan to start on a fantasy-mystery.

I decided to put the translation on hold till Wednesday. With my kids still around and their three cousins to raise the level of noise to ear splitting quality, I find it hard to concentrate on a different language.

I'm really glad that school starts again on Thursday. Then, we'll only have to survive the school-beginning party for my youngest (Saturday) and the baptism of my niece (Sunday) and everything will return to normal.

Keep working,

Friday, July 17, 2009

writing with kids on holiday


I planned on writing 500-1000 words a day and translate 2000 words during the holidays. I didn't remember the chaos from the last time the kids were home for the whole day. Maybe I made myself forget. There are tantrums, fights over nothing, requests of going swimming (or other activities) and triple the amount of housework - plus the fruit that need to be harvested and made into jam and jelly. So far, I managed the translation goal but fell way behind on the writing. And that in spite of my fingers itching to write this story. I realize that I get more short tempered already. Luckily, I'll take the kids for a week at their grandparents, soon. That means that I might be able to catch up. But I am really, really looking forward to the beginning of the next term, especially since my youngest will start school this year, too.

Keep reading,

Friday, July 3, 2009

The world's best promotion for any writer


have you ever asked yourself what's possibly the best way to promote your books? The answer is simple yet complicated. Any serious writer always also is a reader or (s)he would not be so fascinated by books. So, the best kind of promotion should be the one that turns non-readers into readers.

I have always been a reader and I spend more money on books than I spend on shoes. I read many genres including (but not limited to) mysteries, thrillers, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, YA, MG and non-fiction. Even the occasional picture book can be found in my collection.

But only when I began pursuing my writing career I realized how important reading really is. Why then do we value it so little in our language? An avid reader is often referred to as a book-worm or a book-rat (book-pack-rat if (s)he keeps the books). Why can't we use more cuddly animals in the comparison? A book-squirrel or -fawn would be far more attractive. And "carried away by winged horses" is so much more poetic than "glued to the page".

I believe that we as writers will benefit immensely if we begin to show others (by living it) that reading is a wonderful skill, one that many people in other countries strive for and never will be able to get due to circumstances. Try a reading session at your next barbecue or a "guess the book"-game at your next family reunion. What's more, I'd suggest to stop using dismissive words for those that love to read. Writers need readers, so start promoting any kind of reading with all your heart. In the long run, every writer will benefit from your efforts.

Try not to limit your promotion to your own books but include those you treasured or that you think someone else might enjoy. Reach out to people who just haven't discovered what they would like to read. I have been doing that for a couple of years now and it is great fun. Also, with 1.500 books on varying genres in my attic and a good library in town that isn't too daunting a task.

Remember: If you take the scenic route you get to know the area better,

Monday, June 29, 2009

back to work


I managed to do most of my webpages over the weekend. Now, all that I need to do is to make the new layout out of the picture I've gotten from the designer. I'll probably do that next weekend but I won't promise. After all, the kids are on holiday and they do have the right to interrupt. ;-)

As you might have noticed, I am back into writing. This morning (after finishing my bureaucracy stuff) I continued writing "Amadi" I am quite happy with what I wrote. In the next scene she will meet her adversary for the first time. So I am very much looking forward to writing that scene.

In the afternoon, I might manage to translate a bit more of "Victor's Rage" the sequel to "Ann Angel's Freedom". I am planning to get it done in time for x-mas shopping. Since it is somehow more work to translate a novel than to write it, I might take longer. But I promise that I will give my best to reach that goal.

Keep writing,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

restructuring my webpage


I did not forget to post or to write. I had been ill for a few days and then I began to restructure my website (which is taking longer than planned because I decided to include all my books - even the ones that are good enough for publication but haven't been "discovered" yet). I began to sort my books by genre - one being "Poems and Literature". Suddenly, my muse attacked and I had to write a poem for the entrance page (see below). This has happened before with surprising results. Now, all I needed to do was to translate it... and that took at least three times as long as writing it.

Once in a while, Muse grabs me good,
pulls my hair, my shirt, my foot
strangles, nips and tortures me
(I cannot stand that comfortably)
I write down all the words she speaks
on paper though my pencil squeaks.

They aren't funny and bad as well.
My Muse never rests and you can tell.
She neither stops at night nor day
until she's finished all the way.
But stunned I sometimes stare and stand
with a poem in my hand!
Katharina Gerlach, 21. Juni 2009


Monday, June 15, 2009

Free weekend


last weekend I visited a friend and together we went to a concert in Dortmund. We came back very exhausted but satisfied. It was really good to do something for myself again. I haven't been able to do that since my first daughter was born. The only drawback is that with only four hours of sleep, tiredness kept me away from the PC most of today. I hope to be back to normal tomorrow.

Soon, my website will get a new look. The layout (as a picture) is perfect but I will need some time to turn it into a website. Therefore, my writing will suffer a little. I am still aiming to get "Victor's Rage" done in time for Christmas this year and I am looking into different POD-publishers at the moment. Here is a little preview of the possible cover:

I am really looking forward to finishing the translation. It takes away so much writing time form my other project and I just love writing "Amadi". When I was a kid I enjoyed the usual fairy tales of 1001 night (like Aladin and Ali Baba). I only discovered recently that most of the stories have far more adult content. It's worth getting a copy if you don't already have one.

Enjoy your week,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amadi and the Phoenix - part one


The main character for my new project is Amadi. At the beginning of the story she is roughly 13 years old, stealing a flute for her foster sister - the only person who treats her nice. Of course she is caught and gets into deeper trouble from there on. ;-)

This is what she looks like:

I love having a visual at least for my main character. It keeps me focused and also reminds me that those people in my head are real (in a different sense from you and I but real nonetheless).

Have a nice Sunday,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Release


shortly, a new anthology will be published in Germany with my story "Wedding Nights" in it. My story was sparked by a nightmare I had and although it became a really good story I still feel uncomfortable reading it. It sends shivers down my spine (isn't that supposed to happen in a good horror story?)

Ganz schön bissig

I really enjoyed reading the other stories because they were so different from mine. Not all stories in this book are horror. Some tackle the subject with humor others with awe but all use a lookout different from Vampire clichés.

I hope this book will be a success.
Keep reading, writing and living,

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm back


after a long time without Internet I am now returning. I started my new project and finished the second scene. Yesterday, we celebrated the confirmation of my eldest daughter and although it was a lot of work it also was fun.

I am planning on writing roughly 1000 words of "Amadi" and two pages of the translation of "Victor's Rage" a day, excluding weekends and Tuesdays. After all, I have a family to look after. Also, my homepage will get a major site overhaul in the near future which might take away some writing time.

The first part of "Amadi" will tell the story of a foundling girl who becomes a member of the guild of thieves in a male dominated world (in a 1001 Arabian Nights Setting) to find out who killed her beloved teacher.

Also, I found two interesting quizzes on the net. With the first one you can find out what kind of reading personality you are (I am all four in equal measures but I already suspected that). In the second you find out whick book you would be if you were turned into one (I am "Timeline" by Michael Crichton: I am energetic, passionate, scientific, and very intriguing in your history (that's what the quiz-result said, not me!). I am the perfect mixture of quantum physics and European history of the High Middle Ages. My characters are thought out, dynamic, and interesting. I am thrilling.).

And last but not least, one of the five American agents I sent "Thicker Than Water" to requested a partial (I saw a statistic on some agents blog and she didn't request a single manuscript in nearly 200, so I am reasonable proud of this success).

Keep reading and/or writing and enjoy the world,

Monday, May 25, 2009

my DSL gets more erratic by the minute


I'm using a friends PC at the moment so I'll keep it short. My DSL is somehow broken and I am currently not able to update anything. I'll focus on writing instead (my new project) a´nd if all goes well I will update all my webpages sometime in early June.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long absence


I do apologize for my long absence. I am experiencing weird problems with my Internet connection. Something keeps disconnecting me - sometimes for several days. My provider has managed to get me onto a line that only breaks down every half hour but that is annoying enough. So I spent less time on my blogs and other Internet-stuff.

All the better that Holly Lisle has put up a new and very informative video-site where she dissects small samples of her students' writing. The first video is great and made me aware of some mistakes I am prone of myself. Here it is:

If you are interested in learning more, try out Holly's writing tools for yourself and learn to Think Sideways

Carpe Diem,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

On Dreams Coming True


I am working hard on making my dream come true. I want (and I am going) to be an author with books published by medium to bigger sized publishing companies. So, of course, I am very interested when someone who is already there talks about the business. I was very surprised about the financial figures of a NYT-Bestseller. As you can see, if you want to get rich being an author (even a best-selling one) isn't the best way to go.

On the other hand, giving up is not a good option as Toni McGee Causey pointed out in a blogpost (the second half is more interesting for writers although the first bit is great, too. That woman has quite a voice!).

So here I am, slowly assembling the bits and pieces that I need for my next novel. It will be another YA-Fantasy. The setting will be as close to 1001 Arabian Nights as I can make it and the main character will be a girl in a society where girls have little to no respect. So she will have to dress up as a boy at least for part of the book. It's going to be interesting, I think. She will also meet some creatures that belong to the Egyptian mythology (like the Phoenix and the Sphinx) because her adversary will be an Egyptian magician. Let's see how much closer to my dream this project will bring me.

The 1% inspiration is nearly done, so off to the 99% of transpiration...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Starting a new project


after being "idle" for a while (meaning that I cured a really bad cold while trying to keep the house from tumbling down and getting the kids dressed right for school with enough food to get by) I began my next project. The first step, as always, is getting an idea. Well, as any writer can tell you, ideas are the most difficult part of the whole process. Once you sweat out your idea, sitting down for 3-5 month writing thousands of words every day revising them again and again and sending them out to unsuspecting agents and/or publishers is easy as eating cream.

So, if it is so hard to get ideas how do writers do that? It's a big secret and I'm only sharing it because I remember the time before I became a writer. Sitting there, staring at an empty piece of paper with a scented candle mumbling prayers to the Muses and still not receiving anything. Only when I turned to the Internet I found what I was looking for. Could it be that the Muses digitalized themselves and took up residence in Seventh Sanctum? It is a great place to get ideas. You can come up with such breathtaking ideas as:
  • The corrupt cop who is the last of a lost species and who is the inheritor of a mysterious power.
  • The eccentric homeless person who awaits the perfect student.
  • The rare good member of an otherwise irredeemably evil race who is the last of a lost species.
With ideas like these you can't fail. Every agent and publisher is bound to fall to his/her knees begging you to send in your manuscript. Go ahead, play with the generators and write (did I mention that writing is the easy part?). We'll see each other in writer's heaven (the so called publishing world) and you can tell me your experiences.

By the way, thanks to "Pecked by Ducks" for the link.
Have a great time,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Holidays


I began planning my next project with the techniques learned in Holly Lisle's "How to Think Sideways" course. I came up with some really interesting conflicts. Also I was surprised at how many fascinating fearytale creatures can be found in "1001 Nights". I will use many in my story because they will provide interesting twists and problems for my protagonist. I am really looking forward to writing this story.

In the last two months some writers and agents have been trying to "help" each other with "Queryfail" and "Agentfail". It resulted in some very unfriendly commentary. I personally can't understand the hustle. We should be glad for what the agents do. Without them many books wouldn't get the right editor. And the agents should be glad that we are writing books otherwise they would be out of a job.
If you have never heard of the "war" you will find a funny overview here.

Enjoy the sunny weather (if you have some),

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April already


I meant to post a little folly on April Fool's Day but I got seriously ill instead. That way, I was fooled. Lucky for me, my kids behaved. Somehow they can if they know I'm not well (which doesn't happen all that often).

I am glad that I finished "Victor's Rage". It is now out on submission and I hope to hear something in a month or two. Also, my agent had some encouraging news for me and we brainstormed several new projects. I decided on a YA in a setting resembling 1001-Arabian-Nights. It (for now called "Amadi") is shaping up nicely and if all goes well I will start writing by the end of the month.

Till then I will tend my garden. At the moment it is an overgrown, uneven wasteland with wild narcissus blooming everywhere. But since I want other plants to grow, too, it's about time I get involved. The last two days (with a lot of sunshine) I weeded the 4 flowerbeds to the front and filled them with bark mulch. Next week will find me in the back-garden freeing the roses from the creepers and clipping raspberries and blackberries.

I wish all of you just as much fun in the sun,

Friday, March 27, 2009

Time Out


I'll be taking the weekend off because two of my three kids are ill and don't feel well either. I am expecting to be able to finish "Victor's Rage" (my WIP=work in progress) before the month ends. That would mean that I'll finish one week earlier than planned. That's a first ;-)

Have a nice weekend,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are you bored? Try doing something like this!

I found this on a blog I am following. It's really, really funny:

Live for your dreams (or build marble runs),

Sunday, March 22, 2009

next try


my historical novel "Victor's Rage" is nearly finished (just a few more chapters of polishing) and so I decided to send a sample chapter plus exposé to a publisher. Currently, it is rather difficult to find a publisher for a novel set in the 19th century. Most publishers are looking for something set in the Middle Ages. Still, I won't give up. I hope that the quality of my novel will be good enough to convince an editor.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I am a bit sorry that "Thicker Than Water" was rejected in the ABNA contest after the second round of judging. On the other hand, getting into the group of the top 2000 is not bad considering that they took 10.000 entries. I still think it is a fabulous story. Hmmmm. Maybe they rejected it because it is a MG-story? After all, they were (sort of) looking for the top American Novel. Since all this is guesswork only, So, I'll be waiting for the promised reviews to find out why it was rejected.

On the upside, I am very happy with the way my revision is going. I nearly finished the rewrite of the reordered scenes (two more to go). If all goes well I should get through the rest of the novel by the end of the following week. I wrote and rewrote the synopsis and I began the fine-tuning (grammar, style and spelling) and polished the first 50 pages. All in all, a quite successful week.

And as Holly Lisle said: Never give up on your dreams.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Have a nice weekend


I have to catch up on household chores while still struggling to finish my revision. So this one will be short. I found this video over on Nathan Bransford's blog and liked it a lot. He is right, you know? It does remind of the way writers create their world.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.


Friday, March 6, 2009



Jubilee! I finally found out how to get rid of a couple of problems I (and my proof reader) had with the part of "Victor's Rage" I am currently revising. I have been pondering it the whole week while nibbling at the scenes trying to make them fit.

The change I'll have to make is drastic: I have to put 7 scenes in a new order, write one more, change the MC in another one and then get out all the kinks and leftover bits of text that usually clutter the manuscript after such an operation. It'll be more work than I had planned but it seems to be the right decision.

So far, I rearranged the scenes and began rewriting the first one. It's exhilarating! Do you know the feeling when you do a really complicated puzzle and suddenly the most difficult pieces start falling into place? The excitement that keeps you awake until the puzzle is finished or until you're too tired to move your fingers? Well, that's the way I feel right now.

Stay true to your dreams,

Monday, March 2, 2009



I put down the revision for the weekend and visited my family. It was a great weekend but when I went back to my revision this morning I stalled and procrastinated and didn't feel like doing it. The little I did manage isn't worth noting. So no wordcount update today.

In the afternoon my two youngest wanted to paint their faces. Unfortunately, they took the phrase a little too literally. Used up all my lipsticks in the process and left paw-marks everywhere in the bathroom. Luckily, I caught them at it before they let the bathroom. Two multicolor-red devils (face, neck and hands) in a messy room. I'm sorry to admit that I exploded. After calming down again and looking back it is hilarious how proud they were of their accomplishments.


Monday, February 23, 2009



I have been burdened over the weekend with filling out the annual tax-papers. It's such a hustle to get everything right but if I don't do it we pay way too much for tax. It took me half a day to sort all the paperwork and another four hours to fill out the forms. Still, I feel satisfied, as if a hard job is well done (I'll know when I get the tax-return if it really was well done).

Returning to my revision, everything seemed so much easier. So much for a new perspective! Revision is going smoothly and my hubby (who is beta reading) tells me that he likes and (what's more) understands the story. That is a good sign. With only four more weeks to go before the competition closes I am confident that I will make it.

Keep following your dreams,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Out Cold


when I had revised half my novel I caught a cold - a really severe one. I was out for a few days, not writing much. But because I was feeling so sore all over I couldn't sleep.- So in my mind, I began fixing all the little problems in the next few pages of "Victor's Rage" and came up with some interesting ideas. Well, the next few days will show if they are worth the time I spent on them. I am back to working and managed another scene, today. That means I am still nearly on schedule - Contest, we are coming!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am working hard on my second historical novel "victor's Rage". It's a stand-alone novel that is also a sequel to my first historical novel "Ann Angel's Freedom" and I whizzed through the first half of the book.

Then I hit the brick wall! There are so many big bugs in the next half that I hardly manage two pages a day and with the power outage today I didn't get a single word changed. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

Fortunately, all the "mistakes" I (and my best friend and research assistant Anke Waldmann) found are fixable. It just takes a while. Luckily, we have one and a half months leftr before the competition closes where we want to enter the manuscript. After that, I shall start translating "Victor's Rage" into English for those who are interested.

Keep followeing your dreams,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired but happy

On the 31st of January I finished polishing most of my entry for the "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award". Right on time at one minute past midnight EST (6:01am in Germany), I entered my novel "Thicker Than Water". It went much smother than I expected although I fussed over the pitch to the last minute. Now, please keep your finger's crossed for me.
Here is the cover art for "Thicker Than Water" that I came up with for NaNo:

After I reduced my excitement to a bearable level, I decided to get back into revision mode. The first thing I revised was my house. I spring cleaned it for three days in a row and now it sparkles an shines. And a good thing it did because my parents and in-laws came for my eldest's birthday, yesterday. Now, I'm just catching up on updating my various web-presences and tomorrow I will get on with revising "Victor's Anger" while I hatch some new ideas.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



sorry for not posting anything interesting this week. I cought a bug and have to stay in bed. Revision is going fine, I'll write more next week.

For those interested: Here is the link to my webpage with detailed information on Holly Lisle's course "How to Think Sideways" (Deutsch, English)


Wednesday, January 14, 2009



I have previousely mentioned that I already started teh revision of "Thicker Than Water" (TTW). With Holly's one pass revision it was so easy to spot the weak scenes and to figure out how to make them stronger. I am so glad I took this course. So many of Holly's techniques save me a lot of time. If I look at TTW: it took me less that three months from the outline to the finished draft (including revision and regardless of the fact that I didn't write much in December).

What I enjoyed most in this project was that none of the characters did things I hadn't planned. I did deviate a bit from the original storyline but the characters are still those I had planned. This story for once was more fun than work to write. I hope that my future stories will go equally well.

The next step, after typing in my revision notes, is to work my way through spelling once more. After that I will return to the revision of "Victor's Wut", the second volume in the Waldmann-family-saga. I promise to translate it as fast as I can.

Enjoy your life,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too Little Time


I think that somehow the days have too little time. Has it been like that the other years too? I can't remember. Today, for example, we went swimming with the kids, I folded loads of dry clothes and helped my daughter's friend with her English vocabulary. And that's it, another day gone by. If I am not too tired (and if I don't watch TV tonight which I haven't done since I started NaNo - except for the news at 8pm) I might get some reading done on "Thicker Than Water". Luckily, with Holly's revision technique I get along much faster than with previous projects. I'm already half way through the book. It might take another week or two to get everything typed in but I will be done in time for the great "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award". If only their server doesn't break down with millions of authors trying to register at the same time.

Sometimes, I really wish for longer minutes ... and for a set of four tentacles in addition to my hand ... and a second head with a good brain would be quite helpful, too. Heck, while we're at it, another me would be wonderful. Preferably someone who loves doing the dishes and cleaning the house. I'd take care of the kids and the writing, thank you-no me. Guess, it would be rather confusing to be two people at the same time, wouldn't it.

Wish you a lot of fun with "What if...",

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The End


I just typed The End under my current project "Thicker Than Water" (look at novel info if you follow this link). As always it is a bit shorter than it should have been but I have a lot of comments in the margins where more description is needed. Over the rest of the week I will flesh out the skeleton of my story and print the first few chapters for the revision. This time I will try Holly Lisle's "One Pass Revision" (from the Think Sideways course) because the full manuscript has to be done by 2nd of February. I want to enter it in the "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award".

This award is sponsored by the amazon-group and by Penguin. Even if I don't make it to the top it will be quite an experience, I think. The first and foremost though will be to get the story polished enough so that the all the people judging the different stages will like my story. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

my kids' project


Happy New Year to you all. I have been busy doing things my kids wanted me to do. This is one thing we came up with:

Hope you like it,