Sunday, December 28, 2008



I am currently revising the second volume of my Waldmann-Family-Saga and -as a Christmas present- I already translated part of the first chapter. My friend Anke Waldmann who does a large part of the research, put it up both in German and English in her Advent-Calendar. If you want to read a sample check it out.

It will take me at least till march to finish the revision because I am also writing another YA Fantasy-novel that needs to be done by mid-January. Luckily there isn't much left to the first draft (only the show-down and that usually writes itself). And with the one-pass-revision I learned in Holly Lisles "How to Think Sideways" I'll get it done in time.

I hope you'll all make it to 2009 save and sound,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



this year Christmas seems to be far away although it is but a few days to go. My children are fighting each other at every turn and nothing I do stops them. So I decided that Christmas should probably be without gifts this year. I wonder if that will make them understand that there is enough love for all three of them to last them a lifetime and more.

Also I caught a cold and find it hard to concentrate on writing. I am working my way through the revision of "Victors Wut" (Victor's Rage) and the more problems I find the less I want to keep looking. This isn't normal for me because usually I love revision. I love it when the bare bones of a story fill out to something other people might like. To get my passion back I translated the first chapter into English (It will be available for download in my friend Anke Waldmann's Adventcalendar on the 24th).

I also made myself a cover. I know that the cover it will eventually get will differ a lot from this one but I like it so much that I want to share:

With my participitation on How to Think Sideways drawing to an end (only a few more weeks to go) I realize that I am far more tired that I thought. I had planned to start writing another "33 mistakes"-book this month but decided to put it on hold till January. I will concentrate on the Waldman-revision and getting the first draft of "Thicker Than Water" (look at the "novel information tab) done.

So with all that in mind I decided to take a holiday from my Blog and my Homepages till January (I got 3: women in forestry, the German translation of "No Rest for The Wicked"-webcomic and my personal Homepage)

I wish all my readers a merry and blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year. I will see (read) you in 2009.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not much to say


I finally got all the Christmas-presents. That is very late for me. Sometimes I have them as early as mid-September. Well, can't be helped and it is on time after all.

I am truly looking forward to see my whole family for Christmas. Last year my hubby had to work (sewage doesn't stop just because its a holiday) and so we stayed at home. This year, we are free to visit our families. The kids are very excited.

I wish you all the best for the last two weeks of advent.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Think Sideways opens its gates II


after winning NaNo I took a few days off to recover (and tidy up my house again). I will still need a week or two to truly finish my novel "Thicker Than Water" before I can return to the revision of my historical novel (eagerly awaited by some). One thing is for sure: had I but known all the secrets Holly Lisle shared with us during her course "How to Think Sideways" revision of my historical novel wouldn't be half as daunting. Here is a little video with Holly where she is asking some really important questions (if you want to write seriously that is):

If you are interested in the course look at my Homepage. I dedicated a whole page to How to Think Sideways and I threw a $3 gift-certificate for my "33 Mistakes ... About Mother Nature" into the bargain.

Never give up on your dreams,